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    Terms and conditions

    Terms and conditions

    Rental conditions

    – Legitimation obligatory
    – For a scooter we ask a deposit of € 100.00
    – This has to be paid in cash. ()no debit card payment
    – The renter is expected to have received the rented bike/scooter in good condition.
    – The renter is supposed to have delivered the rented bike/scooter in good condition.
    – Therefore Renter is liable for damages to the rented Bicycle/ Scooter and will reimburse repair costs as well as the necessary replacement of the damaged parts.
    – The Rental Company is at all times entitled to confiscate the rented bicycle/scooter after alleged abuse.
    – The Renter must always lock up the bicycle/scooter.
    – It is strictly forbidden to ride with two persons on one bike.
    – It is strictly forbidden to go on the beach with the bicycle/scooter.
    – In case of loss of the bicycle key, the renter will be charged € 10,00.
    – In case of loss of a scooter key, € 50.00 will be charged.
    – At all times the rental company is entitled to use the deposit paid to it to recover its claims against the renter in respect of the rental price and/or any compensation, without prejudice to its right to recover the full amount owed from the renter.
    – In case of theft, Renter shall be liable for the market value of the bicycle/scooter, not including the rental price.
    – Renter shall handle the rented bicycle/scooter with care.
    – Renter shall bear full legal responsibility for any damage caused to third parties.
    – In case of any premature return, the full rent will be charged.

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